Ashtakshar Mantra means:

  • Asht: Means Eight
  • Akshar: Means Letter

Thereby called Ashtakshar Mantra (Shree Krishna Sharanam Mama). These are not ordinary letters but they are the bestower of extraordinary divine powers. Each letter has a deep significance revealed by Shree Gusaiji when he describes Ashtakshar Mantra. This mantra was pronounced by Shree Vallabh when he saw the ecstatic reunion of Shree Swaminiji and Shree Thakorji. This unique mantra has been gifted to us by Shree Vallabhacharyaji and is given in turn to us by our Guru (Vallabhkul Balak) during the initiation process after which we can be entitled to become a Pushtimargiya Vaishnav.

Shree Krishna Sharanam mamah means ‘Shree Swaminiji and Shree Krishna, I surrender to you’. This is the way in which Ashtakhshar mantra was manifested.