Suryakantbhai Challa

The Lord of Vraj is always worthy of worship with every Bhav.

That is your only self religion, there is none another anywhere

Suryakantbhai Challa

Dandvat Pranam to Acharyashree

Bhagvad Smaran to All Vaishnavs




It is with great honour that our haveli, Shree Vallabhdham is celebrating its tenth Patotsav this August and we will be present to view this great festival. Shree Vallabhdham Sakha Mandal was inaugurated by Acharyashree.

Our mandal has been privileged to have Acharyashree during the satsangs when he visits
Nairobi and our members are also blessed to share knowledge of Pushtimarg during the satsang.

The satsang usually takes place on the last Sunday of the month from shayan darshan onwards till 8:00 pm. During the event Vaishnavs participate in kirtans which is later followed by Alpahar.

Our satsang mandal encourages all members, the young and old to come and support us whilst we educate each other more on Vaishnaism. Varta of 252 and 84 Vaishnavs are also read and discussed.

On behalf of Vallabhdham Sakha Mandal I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to all members of the institution and vaishnavs for joining us in the celebration.

Suryakant Challa