One should never worry about anything when they offer everything to Shree Thakorji. Shree Thakorji in pushtimarg will never allow his devotees to go down to worldy ends or positions.

Dandvat Pranam to Acharyashree Dwarkeshlalji Mahodayshree

Bhagvad Smaran to fellow Vaishnavs

hree Vallabhdham Sakhi Mandal was initiated by Acharyashree in September 2005. At that time there were 20 members. Over the last seven years with Jejeshree’s blessings the
number has quadrupled to over 100 members.

Every month different activities take place such as making of malaji, Sajavaat of Hindolas, Manorath Sajavaat, Samagri Demonstration, Workshop on making candles, divas, sanjhi designs, as well as other general pushtimarg discussions. Sarvottam Stotra Paath and Yamunashtak Paath have also been organized. Sakhi Mandal also hosted an Antakshri programme during Jejeshree’s visit last year.

At other times Mukhyaji explains the way we should perform seva of shringar, which sahitya is utilised at certain times of the year etc. The members also discuss how seva of Lalaan and Shree Govardhannanthji is performed.

One of the reasons to initiate Vallabhdham sakhi mandal was to incorporate ladies to participate and learn more about pushtimarg. We have hosted functions on diwali for get together, participated in garba competitions and have also won trophies in Hindu Council of Kenya competition.

The Sakhi mandal is ever active and conducts a meeting once a month to plan for upcoming events. We have organized plays and dramas like ‘Radhe Radhe Shyam Milade’ which was performed by Kamini School of Dancing at Oshwal Centre. Another successful programme was ‘Nrutyam Madhuram’ which attracted other institutions as well .

Recently the Sakhi mandal was blessed to visit the Vraj Yatra in 2011 along with Acharyashree and were absolutely lucky to experience the divine spots.

On behalf of the Sakhi Mandal I wish you all Patotsav ni Vadhai.

Bhagvad Smaran
Smt. Maya D Patel