Seva is an intergral part of Shree Vallabh’s Doctrine. Flowers, Fruits, Materials and many other items of best quality are used in Shreeji’s Seva. However when seva is infused with Bhav, divine inspiration of lila arises in the material sphere. When Seva matures, it fills the heart with Shreeji’s Happiness and continues effortlessly. Seva is motivated by Love for Shreeji.

Seva can be offered to Shree Thakorji in any divine mood which arises within the Bhakta, be it the tender parental mood of Shree Yashodaji (Nandalay Bhav) or the Love of Gopis (Kishor Bhav). In any case, it should begin with a feeling that I am Shree Thakorji’s Daas (Noble Servant) and his devoted follower. Seva is a continuos process and develops unique ways according to different temparement of Bhaktas .

The stories of 84 and 252 Vaishnavs reveal some of the ways in which seva has been performed. Seva of Shree Thakorji is performed with the best of materials, the most luscious fruits, vegetables, adorned with the most beautiful Ornaments etc. Shreeji is served with Food (Bhog) in astounding varieties and prepared with the finest ingredients.

Shreeji is adorned with the finest variety of clothing and Jewellery (Shringar) and Shreeji’s Seva is accompanied with music (Raag) composed by the Great Bhaktas or Ashta Sakhas. Shreeji’s seva is performed in correspondence to various seasons and festivals as well as time of the day.

There are three ways of rendering Seva to Shreeji as recommended by Shree Vallabh. The first is Tanuja Seva or service rendered by one by means of the body. The second is Vittaja Seva or service rendered by means of wealth and third is Mansi Seva or mental service. They correspond to the three fold dedication of body,wealth and mind contained in the wording of the Brahmasambandh mantra. However Mansi seva is considered the highest form of devotion.

For many, tanuja and vittaja seva are considered as the easiest and most practical means of dedication and provided they are performed sincerely it will lead to the accomplishment of mansi seva.

Hence Raag, Bhog, Shringar are considered the Three main aspects of Shreeji’s Seva.